Light up the dark.
Sharing the light of Christ with those who are living in darkness.
Illuminate Church Tempe, Arizona

10:30 AM

422 S Madison Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281

Have you ever tried walking through your house in the dark? You bump your shin on the coffee table, stump your toe on the wall, and step on your dog’s tail, while also waking up others in the house. It’s difficult to comprehend what it must have been like for most of human history, living without electricity and light inside the home. Many times we take that light for granted, but stop to imagine how much more difficult life would be without it. Crazy, right?


Spiritually, there are many people walking in darkness, bumping into everything, and wondering around this life while being blinded. The good news is that we have the Light! That light is Jesus and with Him, we don’t have to wander around in the darkness. Life with the Light is so much better than living in darkness, but the truth is, there are many who are walking around like it’s the 1700’s spiritually. This Light that we have, we want to share it with you and with all of those who have yet to have been exposed to the Light of Christ. Nobody should have to walk in darkness when Christ came to light up the earth.

Illuminate Church Launch Team
Illuminate Church Tempe Arizona
Action Steps: Light

L – Love: We will act in love for God, people, and our city.

I – Identify: We will identify the lost and their needs.

G – Go: We will go into the dark areas where the lost people groups are.

H – Help: We want to help meet the needs of those who are lost and hurting.

T – Teach: We are commissioned by Christ to see people saved and to make new disciples. We prioritize teaching the ways of Jesus.

Illuminate Church Tempe Arizona
Lead Pastors: Josh and Caley Morgan
Josh and Caley Morgan

Josh and Caley have been married almost five years. For the entirety of their marriage, they have been involved in a ministry role. They have been blessed with open doors and multiple opportunities to work in different roles in the church: from youth leaders, evangelizing, to serving in the role of pastor all in their home state of Tennessee. Last year, Josh received a vision and felt compelled to come to Arizona to share the light of Christ. Prior to this vision, neither had been to AZ before. After a few months of prayer, they decided to pack up their lives and move across the country with the desire to reach the West!

Illuminate Church Tempe Arizona
Pray. Serve. Give.

We are so grateful for those that faithfully partner with us through prayer, serving and giving. It’s the generosity of others that enable Illuminate Church to shine light into darkness, helping individuals and families in Tempe, AZ and beyond.


Pray for Illuminate

Pray for Illuminate

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Serve with Illuminate

Serve with Illuminate

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Invest In Illuminate

Invest In Illuminate

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